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About Us

We are Buffy Parmentier and Gary Olbrich, founders of Stinger Digital Print & Graphics.
Gary and I opened our doors on September 1, 2001. We started our business as wholesale printers and graphic designers. We have worked with print companies all over Southwest Florida.

After working for some 4 years with various venues we decided to open our doors to the public. We’ve seen great strides in the digital print industry. With technology going in a direction that was conducive to our forte, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to provide affordable, high quality, comprehensive printing and graphics services directly to the end user.

Digital Printing has become very popular for small businesses. We’ve made a major investment in the latest digital equipment, with an ongoing commitment to expand our capabilities as new technology continues to emerge. The color coming from these machines is of superior quality. Combined together with our years of experience serving print industry professionals and our affordable pricing structure, it’s a win, win situation for everyone!

We welcome you to stop by our facilities on Del Prado Blvd in Cape Coral. Whether you need printing immediately, or are thinking of ideas for the future, we’d love to meet you.

And be sure to come in and say hi to our manager, Mr. Doing!

Buffy Parmentier, President, Stinger Digital Print & Graphics